RailDolly Camera Dolly System

RailDolly Camera Dolly System


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Suspended-Rail-Dolly Camera-RailDolly-Tabletop Skate

RailDolly on Box Pipe



Smooth Camera Slider

From: John Scoular

Low Mode Camera Dolly

From: Colin Threinen (MN)

Versatile Camera Slider

From: Bebeto Producciones (Peru)

Smooth Camera Dolly

From: Bebeto Producciones (Peru)

Low Camera Slider

From: Bebeto Producciones (Peru)

Solid Camera Slider

From: Colin Threinen (MN)

Low Camera Angle

From: Michael Hartnett

Large Camera Slider

From: Scott Sterling (MT)

Camera Dolly Track

From: William Donaruma

speed-rail-camera-dolly Verticle_Camera_Dolly

RailDolly Camera Dolly System

Our RailDolly Camera Dolly System is the perfect option for professionals who need a solid camera dolly for a mid to large size camera.

This camera dolly system includes everything you need to get started including:

RailDolly Camera Dolly Carriage

Universal End Brackets

75 & 100mm Ball Head Adapters

The RailDolly Camera Dolly sytem has a larger footprint than some of our other options so it provides a more stability when using a full-size broadcast camera or similar. The RailDolly is also a good option for critical audio recording because operation is silent with it’s semi-soft wheels. This configuration uses one RigPlate, two RigAxles and two different types of skate wheels. Another capability with the RailDolly Camera Dolly system is the ability to use it on square or rectangular rails. Square or rectangular rails can be much more rigid than tube/pipe so if you’re going to be putting a BIG camera rig in motion this is an ideal option. This configuration also included the parts to configure our RigSkate so you get 2 great options for movement.

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