DIY Video Camera Dolly using RigWheels and $15 in parts


RigWheels MicroWheels are a new multi purpose camera dolly / slider wheel for video production that you can configure in many ways. In this demonstration we are constructing a camera tripod dolly using PVC Pipe and some bolts with a total cost of around $15.00.

What makes RigWheels MicroWheels unique are their 4 high quality bearing wheels per carriage. The bearings are strong allowing them to carry a load of 50 lbs per carriage, strong enough to use with the largest HD video cameras. 4 wheels per carriage give you a very smooth camera dolly roll and because the wheel carriage is already constructed all you have left to do is mount to your camera rig, dolly, slider or other project them with one bolt. It’s the smallest, easiest, most versatile wheel available for a great price.

A set of 4 RigWheels MicroWheels cost $115.00.

RigWheels can also be used to build a Linear Slider, Vertical Slider, Table-Top Dolly, Low-Mode Dolly, Camera Cage Dolly and lots of other configurations allowing you to move your image easily and smoothly.